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We are committed to providing your pets with top-quality veterinary care.

Welcome to
Dry Creek Veterinary Clinic!

Dry Creek Veterinary Clinic is a caring and compassionate practice, where the doctor and nurse focus on their patients’ health and comfort. Please take a moment to visit our website,
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About Us

Dry Creek Veterinary Clinic, owned and operated by Dr. Doris E. Jones, has been in business since November 1982. Beverly McNeely, LVN, RMT, the nurse, animal tech, and business manager, has been with the practice since that time, joining Dr. Jones in creating the business it is today. Its convenient location on Hwy 16 South, near Walmart and on the way to beautiful Possum Kingdom Lake, makes it an ideal choice for the Lake Country area residents.

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What our clients say about us

Top-Notch Care: A Pawsitive Experience at Dry Creek Veterinary Clinic

My family has used Dry Creek Veterinary Clinic for our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for years now. Not only do they do a great job on every single thing they do, microchips, testing, vaccinations. They are very good with the dogs and are always going to tell you whats in the pets best interest. I highly recommend.

Braylea Fisher

Exceptional Pet Care: Trustworthy and Compassionate Veterinary Services at Dry Creek

They have spayed 3 females and neutered 1 male cat for me. I trust their veterinarian skills as well as their caring for my cats who are a part ff my family. Thanks

Sherri Johnston

Pawsitively Exceptional: A Vet That Goes Above and Beyond for Your Beloved Pets

Great place to take your pets! Knowledgeable and caring staff. They love your pets just as much as you do. They do everything they can to help. My pets lived a long, happy life because of this vet. They saved them on more than one occasion. They go above and beyond. I tell everyone I know to go to this vet.

Karen Wilson

Lovely Place: Family Vibes at Dry Creek Vet!

I LOVE Dry Creek Vet! Have always been great with all my hounds, and it has such a “Family Feel” vibe to it.

Misti Jones

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With years of combined veterinary experience, we’re pleased to provide a wide variety of veterinary care for your pets.

Doris E. Jones

Beverly McNeely


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