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Our Mission & Values

At Dry Creek Veterinary Clinic, our mission is rooted in a commitment to providing exceptional care for our furry companions since our establishment in November 1982. Founded by the dedicated Dr. Doris E. Jones, our clinic has grown into a thriving hub of compassionate veterinary services.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond medical expertise; it encompasses a culture of empathy, respect, and personalized attention. As we continue to evolve, our mission remains steadfast – to foster the health and happiness of our beloved animal companions, ensuring they receive the highest quality care in a warm and welcoming setting.

Please note that we specialize exclusively in the care of cats and dogs, allowing us to focus our expertise and attention on the unique needs of these cherished pets

Meet our experienced team of
veterinary professionals

With years of combined veterinary experience, we’re pleased to provide a wide variety of veterinary care for your pets.

Doris E. Jones

Graduated from Texas A & M Veterinary University in 1980 Bachelor of Biomedical Science in 1979 Established Dry Creek Veterinary Clinic in 1982 TVMA member American Heartworm Society member AVMA member Supports Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation

Beverly McNeely

Graduated nursing school 1973 Certificates in: Massage therapy for people and animals Animal nutrition EMT Credits in: Animal surgery Animal laboratory technology Animal xray technology Diploma Doctor of Metaphysics


The clinic cat: Has been the clinic mascot since Oct 1997 Is the clinic cat nurse and comforter of patients Occasional blood donor Loved by all

Why choose us?

Dry Creek Veterinary Clinic is a caring and compassionate practice,
where the doctor and nurse focus on their patients’ health and comfort

Expert Staff

The personnel at Dry Creek Veterinary Clinic consists of experienced professionals dedicated to the welfare of our beloved pets.

Open and honest

Transparency is at the core of our communication, ensuring that pet owners feel informed and confident in the care their furry family members receive.


We prioritize clear and responsive dialogue to ensure that pet owners are well-informed and actively involved
in their pets’ care.

We care – a lot

At Dry Creek Veterinary Clinic, our commitment to the well-being of your pets goes beyond professional duty – it’s a genuine expression of care.

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